Tuesday, June 26, 2007


K believes that Tom Cruise is totally crazy...but she now understands the thought process behind wanting to own your own ultrasound machine. We have been dying to know the sex and if the babies are growing and doing well...this early K has not actually felt any movement and besides the fact that her belly is growing exponentially there is not any actual proof that Baby A and Baby B do in fact exist.

So the soultion, go to a school that teaches ultrasound technology and be a test subject. For only $15, we had quite a thorough ultrasound as our little trainee had to complete an assignment measuring the head circumference, the abdomen circumference, and the femur length. For Baby A and B, these measurements were all pretty consistent that the Babies are around 15 weeks and growing well. The spines appear to have closed for both babies. We also learned that the babies each have their own placenta...aka their own room in my belly. No sex could be determined based on their age and body positions.

As an aside, we were certainly not the norm demographic (eg: we were asked if we had a doctor, D and K were the only couple there, D and K were also pretty much the only English as a first language couple there)

Friday, June 22, 2007


K went to her endochrinologist appointment to get bloodwork results. We were so excited to see that the A1c number was 5.4% This is equivalent to a mean blood sugar of 94!! K IS A STAR!! (A1c information: this measures the average blood sugar for the last 3 months or so. the goal for a diabetic is <7%. the range for normal people is 4.7 - 5.9%)

K's next appointment is in 6 weeks. As the pregnancy progresses, the body does not process insulin the same way and the amount K takes will have to increase.