Monday, December 17, 2012


Well I seem to have finally filled up our first blog.  And since I am super cheap and don't want to pay for additional storage space - and it is too sad to delete all those cute itty bitty baby pics - viola.  A new blog.  Of course since I do print out my blog as a book each year, this is going to create issues for that.  But otherwise, I feel like the 10 of you that read this will be able to insert a 2 into the address!

The new address is:

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Countdown to Christmas: Days 1 - 5

I have had the cutest little advent house for several years and we have never done anything with it. So this year I decided that I would put (sort of) Christmas activity behind each little door.  Not to toot my own horn or anything - but the girls LOVE it.  I mean it has surpassed the excitement of Elfie.  And as I have zero memory ability anymore, I thought that I would document our 25 activities.

Day 1: Eat a Christmas treat - always a popular option with these girls (which is good as I have used this as a filler cause 25 things is hard to come up with!).  For the treat, the girls got to split a 3 pack of the new peppermint Peeps that have bottoms dipped in chocolate.  Let me say, these are THE BEST TREAT EVER!!!!  I am concerned that I am going to be a giant hoarder of these.  On the upside, they are Peeps which I assume have the shelf life of at least a decade.

Day 2: Make popcorn garland for the tree.  This was not a win at all.  They did enjoy eating the popcorn.  They each strung about 5 pieces and were done.

Day 3: Make a family video singing Christmas songs.  Huge excitement here as this combines two of their favorite activities - doing a performance and making a video.  They sang Jingle Bells and Rudolph.  Normally I would post the video here, but apparently I have used up all my storage here and am unable to upload anything.  So now I have to figure out what I am going to do - delete, create a new part 2 blog, or pay.  Hmmmm

Day 4: Make chocolate covered pretzels, complete with sprinkles. Another win.  And sadly these have already been consumed.

Day 5: Have a family dance party to Christmas music.  What's not to love about this? Lights off in the den and dancing to the twinkle of the garland and the tree. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 year stats

The girls had their 5 year well-visit/new patient/flu shot appointment with their new doctor.  Her office is super close to our neighborhood and we had heard very good things about her.  She did seem very nice - though the appointment was not overall successful.  I had to pick them up early from school and they missed their rest time and it all went downhill from there - based on the hysterics and tears you would have thought that the nurse actually cut off their fingers for the iron test rather than just did a finger prick.  And after finally getting them calmed down from that, the doctor came in and was asking them questions which they just did not answer.  I kept saying "they really do usually talk."  I mean Brooke would not even answer questions like what foods do you like to eat.

During the visit, I did remember to bring my immunization records from VA.  The doctor was quite surprised that they did not get some shots last year and in fact questioned it.  But I was johnny on the spot and whipped up my blog post from last year and did confirm the records.  So they had to get two shots and the flu shot.  What a great way to end the appointment.

Here are their stats for height:
Brooke: 3' 8.5" which is the 86th percentile
Audrey: 3' 6.9" which is the 60th percentile

And here are their stats for weight:
Brooke: 44 lb 2 oz which is the 77th percentile
Audrey: 40 lb 6 oz which is the 57th percentile