Thursday, April 26, 2007


D and K went to the Doctor's office on Thursday April 26 for our first ultrasound. Since D had done research on the internet, he knew what to look for on the ultrasound. It was pretty clear that there were two big black spots (aka gestational sacks). We were having TWINS!!

They measured Baby A at 0.575cm with a heartbeat of 113BPM.
They measured Baby B at 0.620cm with a heatbeat of 119BPM.
The Babies both measured just over 6 weeks old based on length.

It was so exciting after waiting over 3 years!!

Monday, April 23, 2007


So on Friday April 20, I went and had a real blood pregnancy test (Test 6). My nurse said that I would have to go back on Monday (Test 7) and do another one because they like to look at how the levels of HCG change.

Here is my recollection of how that Monday went:
Scene: K has called nurse to see if paperwork has been sent to do next test...left message..went to Kroger for groceries...the phone rings:

K: hello
Nurse: we got your test results back and you are definitely pregnant. Your numbers are high so we need you to come in on Thursday midday to see the doctor.
K: Can I come in after school?
Nurse: No we are working you in and you need to come.
K: OK. I'll be there Thursday.

Scene: K checks out and goes to car...decides that she does not understand what the conversation meant so calls back:

K: what will the appointment be on Thursday?
Nurse: the doctor will be doing an ultrasound.
K: should D be there (duh??)
Nurse: most people like to have the S.O. there to see the ultrasound for the first time.
K: what does it mean that the numbers are high?
Nurse: it means that there may be multiple babies. that is what the ultrasound is see how many there are.

Scene: K calls D at work and relays the conversations...D does immediate research on the internet!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


This is my attempt to create something that will be easy to share with all our friends and here goes:

D and I got back from Boston very late on Tuesday April 17. Since I had felt a little funny on our trip I decided to take a pregnancy test the next morning before school...all I had was some old, cheap, generic test (Test 1). In my opinion the results were unclear, so I just went on to school.
After school, I bought a pack of 2 digital (these should be easier to read) tests and went home to take one (Test 2). It said pregnant, so I called D at work and said " I took a pregnancy test and it said pregnant. What should we do?" Clearly the only logical thing to do was buy additional tests and take those as well. I took the other digital test from the box that I bought (Test 3). D came home from work with 2 additional brands. I took one of each of those (Tests 4 and 5). Well all of these came back positive, so we decided that I might be pregnant.
The next step, call the doctor and take a "real" pregnancy test!