Sunday, April 20, 2008


It has been super busy since my last post. The Grandparents Hadden flew in from S.C. to babysit the girls for a week. K had a mini-meltdown since she was leaving her babies for a week. D and K flew to Virginia to find a house. K and D both had mini-meltdowns trying to decide what house we wanted...after all we had to decide in only 2 days!! Much craziness ensued, including doing 3 contracts on 3 different houses and fortunately withdrawing 2 of them just before they were accepted. So we are the proud almost-owners of our favorite house. This was the house that K picked out via the internet even before we got there. It is smaller than our current house (D and K are currently debating about whether to sell or store the excess furniture) but was in "move-in" ready condition....though one room is an awful neony-blue color and the room that D and K are going to make the master bedroom is boring basement color white. So ideally we would like to get those painted before the move, but obviously not a major issue. The plan is to close in the middle of May.
I am sure by now you are wondering, but how did the babysitting go. Well K was in tears as we left (in a tragic turn of events, Audrey got her very first fever the night before we were supposed to leave!!) and threatening to take one of the girls stashed away in my carry-on. However, I couldn't decide which girl to take, so I was forced to leave them both. As it turns out, the girls managed to not only survive, but to thrive. In another tragic turn of events, both girls cried when we got back. I am going with the theory that they did not realize that I was gone until the moment that they saw me and where then overwhelmed with sorrow that I had been gone for an entire week.
Brooke: She is eating much better and is now enjoying both pears and sweet potatoes (which I wish were not orange!!). She has suddenly become much more smiley which is adorable, but she has also learned to stick out her bottom lip in a huge pout. And finally she has started to love her mega-saucer. She rotates herself all the way around and plays with all of the toys! Yeah!! There is some discussion about teething because she is super drooly and frantically rubs her gums...but she is quite young and there does not actually appear to be any hint of a tooth.Audrey: She continues to be a rock star at eating and her spit-up is getting better. She has started to grab her feet and loves to flail them up and down. In fact she somehow uses this kicking to rotate herself 180 degrees in her bed...for you non-math people, that means her head ends up where her feet were when she went to bed.Here are some pictures...since I have spent limited time with them this week, please excuse the fact that they are in the same outfit (Thanks Mrs. Thacker for the dresses!!) in many of them. We had picture time after church today.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


The girls are 5 MONTHS old today!! What did we do to celebrate? Well, Brooke ate her entire container of pears without any crying! And both of the girls (finally) rolled over. We have been practicing our rolling over skills and both girls can now (Brooke was able to do it 2 days ago) push and kick themselves over from their tummy to their back. We are very proud of them.

Both: These glasses are waaayyy cooler than those hats!

Brooke: I LOVE my spoon!!

Audrey: I LOVE to sleep unswaddled!!

Audrey: OK. I have figured it out. If we put our arms like this and then move our legs, we can move!
Brooke: Who has a giant bow now??

Brooke: I know the TV is over there and if I could just stretch a little more...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Brooke: I am soo tired...I just can't jump anymore!

Audrey: I finally got my first Daddy shoulder-ride

We are so cute in our little summer dresses!!

Brooke: Don't they understand that I don't like PEARS!!

Audrey: I LOVE pears!!

Audrey: I am too cute for words in my giant bow!!

Brooke: Why don't I have a giant bow??

Friday, April 4, 2008


Well there is big news in the Hadden house....Audrey ate an entire jar (actually little plastic container) of PEARS!! It is very exciting to see her eating. Brooke on the other hand has not exactly taken to eating fact I am pretty sure that not one drop of food has actually made it down her throat. Maybe Audrey is more motivated as she is trying to catch up with Brooke so she can get out of the hand-me-downs.

More big news: we will be moving to Virginia in May. My head says YEAH but my heart says BOO, so depending on the day I am either very excited or very sad-sometimes both.

So the next 6 weeks should be very interesting: a move and the introduction of vegetables.