Sunday, April 25, 2010


The girls LOVE to say their abc's recently. (as a side note, they used to refer to them as the a,b,q,s song but have now moved to the more traditional a,b,c,d song title) Audrey is a tad better about getting all of the letters - but Brooke really finishes strong with the sing with me part. This video is not a true representation of their ability as they actually will say them better but it is a true representation of how they interact with each other. We are currently working on identifying the capital letters and they are pretty good (M,N really what is the difference? E,F basically the same) - though whenever it is an A or a B they say Audrey A and Brooke B. At some point I guess they will have to learn that those letters represent more than just them!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baltimore Aquarium

This past weekend we loaded up and made the trek up to Baltimore to see the aquarium. The aquarium is on the harbor (which is quite lovely) but D and I thought that it was over rated - or as we kept saying "at least the girls were free!" The aquarium at Moody Gardens and in New Orleans are much better. However, the girls seemed to enjoy it - possibly cause it had a million escalators which they just love to ride on. My favorite part was the tank of giant rays - which I tried desperately to take a picture of but all I got was flash or blur. We did take the girls to their first movie - a little 4-d picture about the animals in different climates. They liked all but when they got sprayed in the face, twice, with water from the seat back in front of them. We also went to the dolphin show. Here are some of the more successful pictures from our day:
The family - the aquarium is the building in the back with all of the glass pyramids

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This and That

"Let's go Audrey!!"

Dressed as twins - can you tell that Brooke is a little bigger?

Dancing at a playgroup - unfortunately I forgot the tu-tus!

Haley and Brooke getting a ride from a very focused Ellie at the park

Brooke likes to wear her safari hat - contrary to her facial expression in this picture!

Audrey dressing up - though it would be nice if she wore pants along with her heels and jewelry.

Breakfast and play at chik-fil-a

Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Falls

The fam at the falls

This weekend we went to Great Falls - a national park only about 20 minutes from our house. The river is the Potomac and we were on the Virginia side and there is also a park on the Maryland side. There are 3 places that are overlooks and then there are trails that you can walk on. We did a little "off roading" on one of the trails. D took the girls (one at a time) down to the Potomac over a (in my opinion) very treacherous rocky off road adventure. Here are some pictures of us from the day - it was quite cool the morning that we went as you will see from our jackets.
K and D with the girls at one of the overlooks

D and Brooke returning from their trek to the Potomac

D and Audrey down by the Potomac

Audrey hiking over rocks

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a very fun Easter weekend. I put a photo album up on FB and so I am only putting a couple of pics here...(not pictured is the Welch family fry day on Saturday cause I was too busy stuffing myself with all sorts of fried food to bother taking pictures!)

Brooke and Audrey hunting Easter eggs at the Fairfax Easter egg hunt on Friday.

The Hadden egg hunt held on Saturday in our backyard. The girls LOVE the candy inside the eggs. They were totally not interested in the real eggs that they had dyed.

A family photo on Easter SundayWaiting for the hunt at our friend's house after chowing down on delicious food!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

Today was a perfect spring day, so we took advantage and spent a ton of time outside. We went to a park, had a picnic lunch in our backyard, and then dyed eggs outside. I LOVE to dye eggs and was super pumped that we were able to do it this year (thus the over abundance of pictures) It was a great day!

Here are some pictures of our day (though I forgot the camera at the park)

Our picnic outside - though they don't really get the idea of sitting in just one place and eating all of your food there...they must have each moved to new spots a dozen times.

After dropping the tablets in


Just some adorable shots of them working hard on their eggs. Audrey pretty much abandoned the spoon and just used her hands - fortunately it all came off in the bath that we took immediately after dying the eggs!