Sunday, November 18, 2007


Pics: Audrey with D after being fed. Brooke in her car seat on the way home. K with mom in front of door sign (if you enlarge it you can see all of their info-thanks Crystal T. for the neat penmenship)

We did not get the finish the poll, but we went with the leader as of Monday. So welcome Audrey Elizabeth and Brooke Elise.

This will be a quick posting, but just wanted to get a few things out. K went for her nonstress test on Monday, November 12 and basically the doctor thought a few things looked "suspicious" and that Brooke may be under some unknown stress. So at 1:30pm we were told that we would be having the babies at 4pm. Thank heavens that D was already there...though he had to go back home, get stuff, and be back in time for the c-section. He made it back by 3:30 (and did not get a speeding ticket!!) and we were into the operating room by 4:30. The girls arrived at 5:00 and 5:01 and all were surprised at what a huge weight difference there was. They were less than an inch apart in height, but Brooke outweighed Audrey by over 2 1/2 lbs!! (yes everyone has made jokes about Brooke stealing all of Audrey's food) Even though they were small, they are absolutely adorable..and if you don't believe us, you can ask my sister and our parents!! My sister got some great pics of the weighing and all the immediate stuff (which I will get from her and share later). The girls were in the NICU but mainly just for temperature regulation and to gain weight...they did not have any tubes or any of that scary stuff.

K and D were discharged from the hospital on Friday (they let us stay an extra day since the girls were there) and Brooke was discharged on Saturday!! Audrey is still in the NICU, but she is doing fantastic. Her temperature is already at the set point (though she won't leave the incubator until she weighs more) and her weight is now up to 4 lbs, 1.6 oz (she is a really great eater!) Hopefully she will be home in a that time, we will have just now adjusted to having one baby and can start the whole cycle again with both!

We are so thankful that they are doing great (thanks to all of you who have been faithfully praying for us) and we can't wait for everyone to meet them!

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Well our nursery is almost finished...a few odds and ends left, but all the furniture is in place.

Friday, November 9, 2007

WEEK 34!!!

Well we have made it to week 34!! K is still having problems posting pics to the side, so here is another belly pic. As you can see, K is huge!! As a dear friend mentioned, K "should get a back up beeper and some yellow lights for when you move that belly!" I believe D almost died from laughter when he read that!! Fortunately there are only 23 (or less) days left of this giganticness.

Here are some general updates/thoughts:
1. K and the girls have had 3 non-stress tests. 2 of these we flew right through and the girls passed with flying colors. The middle test took much longer because Brooke's heartrate just refused to go up and stay up. They even had to buzz/vibrate her--very funny to think what she must be thinking of that!

2. K and the girls have had 2 Biophysical profiles (BPP) done. These are ultrasounds where they are looking for certain things to make sure they are moving, breathing, good tone, and good levels of pressure and fluid. They scored an 8 out of 8 on both of them (they are such little stars!). They also gave us some "cute" pics of one of them Audrey is sticking her tongue out at us.

3. This is the most interesting (well in my opinion): At today's BPP, we found out that Brooke has moved!! That's right--K's belly is so big that they can still flip around and she won't even know it! Brooke is now also head more interlocking (so if you didn't read the last post, there really is no need now) So we don't know what this means for birth yet...we see the doctor on Monday.

4. Our nursery furniture has been resolved. We are getting the second crib but not the 6 drawer dresser (apparently this won't be in for another 6 - 8 weeks...of course we were told about 18 weeks agao that it would be in in 12 weeks, so we really have no confidence at all that it will ever be here.) So we are getting a smaller one with 2 less drawers. But at least we are actually going to get it tomorrow! The nursery will finally be complete.

5. As a random aside, thanks to all of you who have voted for our middle names--especially those of you who voted for K's choice!