Thursday, December 30, 2010


This year we all had a staggered arrival for Christmas. Kerry and the girls arrived first, followed by Amy and the boys, then Darren flew in, and lastly Ed flew in. We had plenty of time to visit and take in all the sights offered in Jackson.

My mom took us up to Canton to see the festival of lights. It was very cute and the girls enjoyed the little rides and the horse drawn buggy.

The girls drinking their first hot was a hit!

On the buggy ride with Gramma

The girls are oddly fascinated by the tapir (from Diego, I assume)

A favorite activity - going to the zoo. I love this zoo cause it is small and you can actually see the animals. Those zoos with the giant natural habitat are nice, but usually there is too much walking and not enough animals for my taste. Seriously - look how close they are to that bear!!

Making Martha Washington balls with Aunt Amy

We went to a lego exhibit - that we may or may not have been supposed to touch.

Watching the model train exhibit at the old capital building.

Brooke and John David giving Big Smiles!

Playing outside at Granddaddy and Jane's house - the leaves and cat are always a big treat!

We all spent the Christmas Eve together at Gramma and Gary's house.

Playing with the cousins

Family Christmas picture time

Brooke just looking so pretty!

Audrey flirting with Uncle Ed over our delicious Christmas (Eve) meal

Opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve at Gramma and Gary's house

I think that Uncle Ed may be asleep!!

The rather pathetic display of stocking stuff. I think that Santa is going to have to step it up next year!

I wonder what is at the very tippy-bottom of the stocking

Audrey enjoying her M&Ms and her little Lizard - a new favorite toy

Checking out what everyone else got in their stockings

Family Christmas morning picture

Festive Christmas Pictures

Working on their Leapsters

Brooke: "This is very heavy. Let's do teamwork"

Opening Princess P and Red from Super Why

Opening Handy Manny's Tool Set - one of the most popular presents of the season.

The girls were on trash duty - and they took their job very seriously...until they got bored!

Audrey waiting patiently for some of Granddaddy's fudge

Opening presents can be hard work!

The Monday after Christmas, we headed down to the farm for a visit with the Mitchell family - minus Kathryn and Rich (who picked Hawaii over this). It was lots of fun and, while the weather was still cool, it was nice enough that the kids were able to play outside with their dart shooters and the four wheeler.

Settling down for our traditional steak lunch!

Brooke really enjoyed her little shooter

Audrey was tired of outside so she snuggled with Paula - and got a new My Little Pony.

The youngest generation shot

A rousing game of Uno

Family shot on the four wheeler