Thursday, March 24, 2011


My mom's group went bowling last Friday. It was AWESOME! The kids were just so adorable and they really seemed to enjoy it - though one game was clearly enough. And they did a surprisingly great job of taking turns and waiting.

Just a picture to give an overview of what it looked like with several lanes of three-year old bowlers. So funny!

Carrying their balls by themselves. They were 6 pounders - and look at the cute little bowling shoes!

Though it was also fun to help each other carry the ball.

They had these little ramps that they kids could push the balls down (to make sure that the ball was going fast enough to actually knock down pins) and they put up the gutter guards.

The girls from their lane: Audrey, Brooke, Lorelei, and Falyn (who was the winner of the 4)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Visit with Gramma

This past week was my mom's spring break so she came up here for a visit. Though the weather here has still not been very spring-like. I think that we have had about 4 days where the temps have gotten over 60. The girls were very excited about her visit. I think one reason was that we had circled it on our calendar and each day had been marking off the days. They really seem to enjoy doing that. (as you can see we are working on the concept of time, with varying degrees of success. They know that Monday is dance, Tues and Thurs are school, and Fri is noodles w ice cream day. They know one event for each month through July. However, anything that has happened in the past is referred to as yesterday and some things yet to come are also yesterday. Tomorrow is not really there for them)

Ok that was a huge aside. St. Patrick's day was here while my mom visited and the girls thought it was neat to wear green. I tried to teach them that you got to pinch people who were not wearing green, but that had limited success. A St. Patrick's day story: the next day Brooke announced to me that "her poop was green for St. Patrick's day" Hilarious!!

Here are some pics from the visit.

The girls really love to be read to. One of their favorites is this princess book where there are two sets of pictures (one on each page) and you have to find the differences between the two - which is what they are doing in the above picture. Note the thoughtful looks on their faces!

They were so excited about getting Gramma that they insisted that they both sit next to her...even though there clearly is only room for two people on each side of the booth. The girls LOVE Chipotle - the kids meal comes with little bags of chips and they think that is the best thing ever.

After our St. Patrick's Day picnic, the girls wanted to hang out in the tree for a while.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Updated Blog

A little behind!

I can't imagine that anyone outside of family would be interested, but alas I have finally done our Thanksgiving post. It is under Nov 2010. I am trying to close out the posts for 2010 so that I can print up our 2010 blog book. Now all I have left is Christmas!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dancing and Moving

They girls are still taking their combo dance and gymnastics class at the Little Gym. The girls still seem to like it and they do a good job listening to their teacher Miss Morgan. They are not allowed to stand by each other in the dancing room and that has increased their listening a ton (I am the one that has said that they can't be by each other.) We are going to keep taking classes this summer, but I am not sure what we will do in the fall. The girls are going to be in preschool 3 days a week MWF from 9 - 1 next year, so I just don't know how full I want the rest of our time to be.

Brooke and Audrey in first position

Not sure what this was, but it reminds me of my first grade program where I was a sunbeam

Every Tuesday at preschool, the girls go to Creative Movements with Mrs. Wilcox. This is clearly one of their favorite activities as they talk about it a lot (along with how much Audrey LOVES Mason). This past week I was able to go and watch the class. It was adorable! And the teacher frequently said "Look at how Brooke/Audrey is doing. Try to do like that" Of course this may have just been because I was there, but I am going to assume that it is the norm that my girls are stars. This month they are practicing moving like animals. The funniest was the armadillo - the kids loved it. They would crawl and then ball up, over and over. I am not sure what animals they were being in the pictures below, but I know that one was elephant and one was penguin.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last Picture

The way these girls love on each other totally melts my heart. Bath time is a totally hilarious time - as I am sure any one who bathes their kids together can attest. They climb all over each other in the tub and roughhouse like is a miracle that we have not had any serious injuries. However, as they are now 3, I have decided that I should probably keep it private. But alas, here is one last (sniff, sniff) picture.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Audrey Bear

Audrey is such a cutie. Her smile is awesome and she gets cracked up all the time. However, getting a picture of her looking that way is an elusive task. Here are a couple of her that are cute (though secretly, what I really like is her leopard pj's!)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Brookie Cookie Pudding and Pie

This is Brooke's full nickname - which is hysterical when she calls herself that. These are just some cute pictures of Brooke. She has (on occasion) been wanting me to take pictures of her as she poses being cute.