Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Volcano Day

I totally stole this idea from my friend Samantha, so I will preface the post with that lest any of you think that I am actually creative. I decided to have a themed day of volcanoes since we had no plans for the day. We started off by looking at some pictures of erupting volcanoes on the internet and then some you tube videos. Then we decided to create our own volcano in our kitchen. We practiced a few times and then built our dirt volcano. The girls really enjoyed adding the dirt into the bucket. After each eruption, they added more to cover up the lava and then we did it again. Then we moved to our arts and crafts project of making a volcano - an activity that Audrey quickly tired of. Her volcano had 3 pieces of lava total. They are so funny and so different. Later in the day, I tried to have them water color paint a volcano. But that quickly turned into them just painting. Though my water color volcano turned out quite nicely!

Building the dirt volcano - not as messy as you would think.

The after picture of the eruption

Gluing on the volcano for our art project

Brooke working on adding the lava to her picture.

This is a video of the first eruption test. My favorite part is listening to how they say erupt. It is so adorable!!

Making the Letters

In an effort to reduce boredom and be somewhat educational, I cut out a bunch of lines and curves so that the girls could put them together to make letters. Brooke was all over this activity. She immediately made lots of letters and then moved on to her name, then mine. Audrey decided that the strips looked like good nest making materials and made a nest for some of her guys. (And while that is super creative, she is actually the one who could use a little practice on her letters…in a fun, non-threatening way of course!) By the time that Brooke started on Audrey’s name, Audrey decided that she would participate. So Audrey did the U - Y in her name.



The next day, without any prompting at all, the girls (led by Brooke) decided to do the whole alphabet. They did a great job. I only had to help on a few of the tricky letters – like J, and S, and G. You can’t see it, but we ran out of some of the straight lines and the girls cut some out for me by following some lines I drew. It was their first cutting that actually resulted in a pretty straight line. Though Audrey only humored me and cut two lines the way I instructed and then went back to her preferred method (which totally does not work well at all!!)


We Love Our Guys

The girls are really in a phase of loving their stuffed animals – whom they refer to as their guys, babies, or pets. I guess it just depends on their mood or activity. They are adorable playing with them and it totally makes me happy as I was a stuffed animal girl. I love to see how their guys bring out the nurturing side of them. They are so sweet…unless one of their guys is getting into trouble. Then you better watch out. For any infraction, the animals receive all the punishments: spanking, time out, and they give them the Talk.

On the negative, they always want to bring guys into places with them. In theory, I think this is an awful idea. In practice, it is frequently easier to just let them take an animal with them and hope that we make it home with them (the best is when they just take them into the car only with them…sometimes I can convince them that the guys want to stay in the car and take naps! ) Thus far we have not lost any guys while out and about. There was a close call with piggy in the TJ Maxx, but he was located in a box of shoes. Wheww…

Here are some cute pictures of them with their guys:


Cute pictures of the girls with their main guys.



We keep the animals that are not being played with in these boxes on a shelf in the girls' room. Here the girls are pretending to be one of their guys in their boxes.


This one is hard to see...Audrey is clutching her Little Pet Shop kitty that she was playing with at the pool while Brooke was doing swim lessons.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011



D and I celebrated our 13th anniversary on 8-8-11.  To celebrate we went to dinner Saturday night.  Here are some pics from our night out!


Outside the restaurant after dinner


A picture of D so that we could see the name of the restaurant (and the fun new shirt that I bought for him).  It was delicious!!  It is on the Washingtonian’s top restaurant list and certainly deserves to be there.  Plus it is in a “cool” section of DC – which is a break from our normal, not-totally-cool life.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Preschool Pool Playdate

Recently we had a little reunion of sorts with the girls’ favorites from their preschool class this past year: Abby, Delaney, and of course Mason (also included were Abby’s brother Nathan and Mason’s older brother Aiden)  Overall, I think that the girls had lots of fun with their friends.


Getting ready to take the plunge…


Mid-jump photo


Just relaxing with their friends in the shallow end…how tall does Brooke look next to Delaney?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pool Party with The Envalls

A couple of weekends ago, we finally were able to get the entire Hadden family and Envall family together.  It was blazing outside (yes, even by TX standards) so the pool seemed to be a great idea.  We played in the (finally warm) water and had a picnic lunch.  Here are some shots from the day:


In the baby pool during break. 



Enjoying our picnic – we eat lunch at the pool at least once a week during the summer.


With my friend Erica – I am trying to do better about getting pictures of me and my friends


The girls just look so cute in this picture