Thursday, January 24, 2008


As our catchy title says, we have no news (though the Hadden girls have been to Kroger and Wal-Mart sans any help). But here are some pictures and some moderately clever photo captions:This is our dining area...picture K sitting on the ground in front of us feeding us simultaneously....we love to eat!
Audrey says " with all our toys I can't believe that mommy makes me do tummy time on her leg."
Brooke " I hope that towel is covering me if this is going on the internet!!"
Audrey: "This is going where???"

Audrey: "I may be clean, but I am not happy about it."

Here is D looking adorable in his new turn-around hard hat hair for him and he is showing the girls that it is OK to have just a little bit of hair!

Brooke reached a milestone and found her hand...well at least once.

Audrey says that she loves her mommy "this much!"

Brooke says that you can make me sit up but you can not make me wake up...ohhmmm!

Brooke: "yes, I am adorable"

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


On Monday we had our first "big" visit to the doctor's office. The girls were getting their first round of vaccinations and K had a big list of questions for the doctor (just so you can get an accurate picture: K has been fixating on this for weeks and brought a 2 page typed list of questions and our color-coded, indexed 3 ring binder where we record all food, poop, and need to know how much A ate on Dec 15 at 3pm, no problem...of course we really have not needed this, but we certainly have it)
here are the girls looking adorable in their identifying onesies (and yes we did the letters based on names and not birth order)...they wore this to their first birthday party of their twin friends Carter and Olivia.

The only "issue" that seemed to be valid on K's long list was Audrey's belly-button. Thanks to Google search, we had already diagnosed the problem but it was nice to have confirmation from the Doctor. So little Audrey has an umbilical hernia. as you can see, Brooke is shocked by the news that Audrey has a hernia!

Who knew that babies could even get hernias, but alas it is fairly common in preemies with low-birth weights (and you will recall that she was under 4 lbs and 5 weeks early). So basically the connective tissue there just did not close and so "stuff" pokes through. But there really is nothing that is done as it is supposed to heal on its own by the time she is 2 - 4 years old. The only downside is that she will look funny at the beach this summer.

They got 4 shots and an oral vaccine. Overall they did very well...thanks in part to a nurse who moved at the speed of lightning. There was some screaming (it should not be funny, but A got so worked up that her face was all red and her mouth was open to cry and scream but no sound was coming out...I wish I had a video of it). They were fine by the time we left the office. All day yesterday they were pretty tired after that... either from the exertion of screaming or from the baby tylenol that they took.

So here are their vital stats (we were pretty close with our estimations using our own scale and tape measure)
height: 20.75 in which is the 3rd percentile
head: 36.7 cm which is the 10th percentile
weight: 10 lb 8 oz which is the 50th percentile

height: 22.5 in which is the 50th percentile
head: 38.5 cm which is the 50th percentile
weight: 12 lb 11 oz which is the 90th percentile

so as you can see our girls' bones are growing proportionately as their heads and heights match, but they are just little piggies...which is starting to give K a good arm workout!
did I mention that the girls are getting chunky?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I can not believe that the girls have been here for 8 weeks!! It seems like just yesterday that I was telling people that I was 8 weeks pregnant...

Here is a summary of what we have been up to: we have been eating, playing, pooping, and sleeping. Repeat. and Repeat....but if you want a little more information and some pics, keep reading.

Here are the girls at their first outing to a real restaurant. We all went out to eat at Pei Wei...the girls actually only ate formula, but at some point they got a little of mommy's Pei Wei Spicy Chicken!Every day during active alert time we work on head control and so here is Audrey demonstrating that ability in her Bumbo chair...of course the next few pictures we took showed her slowly toppling forward. But soon they will be ready to sit in their little cute!
Here is Audrey in her little swing. She is so funny how she will just stare at the little bees hanging from it (we are also working on tracking during active alert time). K is still "saving" different tricks of the toys (I figure we need something when the girls really get wailing!) so Audrey has not heard the music or been above 3 on this swing. The girls had their 4th Christmas when D's family came to visit. This is their little first cousin Kayla...she was so cute with the babies and wanted to take them home with her. Here she is holding Brooke, who as you can see is really packing on the lbs. We have not had an official weigh in (K felt stupid bringing her giant kids each week to see if they were gaining weight when it was totally obvious that they were) recently, but their 2 month appointment is Monday. However, using the on the scale with them and then without them method, it appears that Brooke is very close to 13 lbs (which would be more than double her birth weight) and that Audrey is between 10 and 11 lbs (getting close to tripling her birth weight).Grandma and Grandpa Hadden got the girls a new jogging stroller. This a picture of us on our first outing around the block. It is quite nice and K is now ready to join all you stroller-fit people...well ready except she gets out of breath just walking the mile around the block!
Here is a picture of Brooke after one of our outings in the Baby Bjorn....we walked to McDonalds and got some food! Obviously we only use this when there is someone else to carry one of the babies (I did not just leave Audrey at home!) As you can see there is an excercise theme as K is trying to lose her last 20 or so lbs (apparently the Big Mac is not a diet food even if you walk to get it)
Finally, here is K with her sassy new short haircut...oh and of course there is a baby too!