Friday, July 31, 2009


Here are some pictures of the girls at the pool. Brooke loves the water and is a pretty good swimmer. She will kick her legs and sort of swim around. Audrey is a little less enthusiastic about the pool. I blame it on the fact that the water up here is still very cold! D loves to jump off the diving board (he even did a flip this past time we went!) and the girls like to watch him make a big splash!

Monday, July 27, 2009


The girls LOVE to they are standing on the back of the couch and the bottom of the window...I wonder when our first trip to the ER will be.

It has been brought to my attention that I had not updated the blog recently (Lisa - yes I am talking about you). Well I have not updated it cause we really have not done too much out of the ordinary around here.
Eating their very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich!
The girls are getting better vocabulary every day. The funniest word that they say has to be flamingo...I can't even figure out how to spell what they say for it, something along the lines of a-nin-noooo. They also love to say cheese for the camera, so we went on Friday for another picture taking experience. This time my mom was here and that certainly helped as she was able to entertain the girls as I selected which pose I was going to get (I had to limit it to just one cause I was really there to use a coupon for free pics.)

Watching a video...the girls have finally decided that they like videos. Hooray!!

We love to get out and go to play groups...If I don't make it to at least 1 or 2 a week it does not go smoothly around here. Audrey currently LOVES to see any animal (real, pretend, on TV, whatever) and will SQUEAL with utter glee...adorable. Every day we have to go look for Phoebe (a very easy word to say repeatedly), our neighbor's cocker that is only occasionally out there. Though they are still hesitant to actually make contact with animals.

Playgroup at the mall with Ellie, Kiera, Grayer, and Lorelei. In the last picture I told Brooke to go stand by Audrey...hilarious!

The girls are also still doing their Little Gym. This week my mom went with us and was able to take a couple of pictures.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just some pics...

The girls LOVE to push around their strollers- with or without a baby in it!

Brooke walking around in Mommy's shoes.

Audrey changing the diaper of baby - ADORABLE!

The girls with their favorite animals - Pooh and doggie...yes, both sets are named the same.

Playing at the Splash Flower with their friend Spencer...who was flirting with Brooke all day!

It took the girls a while to warm up to the flower - and they never really went under the spray. And then they were exhausted for the ride home.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well I knew that something like this was going to happen one day. Audrey bit Brooke. Here's the story:

D went out of town on Sunday. The girls and I were running errands. We got home and the girls were happily playing in the minivan as I was unloading our purchases. All of a sudden, from inside the house, I hear Brooke screaming pretty hysterically. I go out and grab her and start comforting her, wondering what was she so upset about. Then I look down on her arm and see a CLEAR set of teeth imprints...I am talking every tooth. Of course when they had both settled down from their crying (Audrey did not enjoy getting into trouble) I took pictures to post!

Now, 3 days later there is still a pretty clear picture of the event on Brooke's arm. And if you ask Brooke what happened, she puts her arm up to Audrey and then she (Brooke) bites on her arm....oh dear!

Friday, July 10, 2009


The girls are going to be 20 months on Sunday so I thought I would give a little update on them. They are just ADORABLE together. They get so super cracked up with each other...most of the time. They have started to get more possessive of toys and will try to snatch things from each other which will result in wailing with possible collapse to the ground in tears. So that is not as adorable, but we are working on teaching them to make trades (though sometimes the trades are quite forceful as they are jamming the new toy into the others face)
The girls helping me pick out recipes to try

They recently have started telling us when they have pooped..HOORAY! saying "poo-poo" or "dipey" and pointing to their little tushies. However, they are then quite insistent that you change them immediately or else they just continue to repeat with more force.
Marching around wearing Daddy's shoes

They are massive little copiers. Especially Audrey. It is a constant game of monkey see, monkey do. Even if it is to their in point: Brooke pulled the slide onto her head and then Audrey tried to pull it onto herself. Audrey will also pretend cry. Brooke has now gotten attached to her pooh bear, I believe just because Audrey has one that she loves.
The girls showing off their bargain shirts from Target ($0.75 each!) and their new favorite toy from the dollar bin!

Their vocabulary is expanding. They are pretty good repeaters and their words that they say without any prompting is getting bigger. Their most recent acquisition has been the word "no." Which currently is super cute (they say it with approximately 3 syllables) but I am sure it will outlive that quickly. They also will say cheese for the camera...which makes it seem like that will make better pictures of the 2 of them, but alas they do not say it together at all.

Audrey says "Let's Go!"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth!

We had a fun Fourth of July weekend...especially cause the girls looked so cute in all their patriotic gear! On Thursday, the girls and I went to a pool party with our playgroup friends. As I was managing the girls solo, there are no photos of the event.

Friday we just hung out around the house and enjoyed the wonderful weather...the high was only around 85! Crazy!!

Saturday we went to the Fairfax Parade. It was a first for the girls. They seemed to like the marching bands and the big balloons.

The parade lasted for about 2 hours, so we were all pretty tired when it was over.
But that afternoon we went to our neighborhood pool (and while it is nice that it is so cool up here, it makes the pool very COLD!). Lots of fun to go to the pool with Daddy. When he is there, the girls get to get into the big pool. Brooke loves the big pool...she like to "swim" by herself with her little floaties on. It is adorable but it makes me quite nervous.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beach Beauties

I am still in the editing process, but here are some cuties of my little beach beauties (and one family shot):