Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Outfit….no problem


What happens when there is only one outfit that they each want to wear for the show….


Our First Movie


A few weekends ago, we took the girls to see their first ‘feature length’ movie in a movie theatre.  If you look at the pictures below you can probably figure out what movie we saw: Winnie The Pooh.  It was Audrey’s idea to wear their Pooh shirts and it ended up soo cute.  The movie outing was very successful – they loved their individual popcorns and the movie!  Audrey got a little upset toward the end when D shushed her (poor D also got upset when he realized that he was the reason little Audrey was crying)

Very excited to have their own tickets and to hand them in themselves.
Before the movie – they each got the little kids pack of popcorn, drink, and fruit snack.
Chowing down on their popcornDSC04698

Friday, July 22, 2011

Status Update

Recently I have been taking the lazy route in my blogging and basically just posting pictures. But today I am going to try to remember all the little things that I think are note-worthy in our life right now.
The girls have just started getting into dress-up...which generally involves them getting dressed up and then performing a show for us.

One of my pet peeves about little kids before I had little kids was horrible pronunciation. I always thought that clearly the mom/dad/caregiver was just lazy about teaching the correct way to talk. So obviously I have two kids who have absolutely horrible pronunciation. And I correct ALL the time. Karma strikes again. The worst things for the girls are their blends, L's, and R's. The L's and R's really don't bother me that much anymore since those are super duper common and most people can still translate that. Their substitutions for the blends are totally bizarre...for TR they substitute a K sound. So tree is key and trouble is kouble. So odd. But I am so pleased to announce that all of a sudden the girls are actually saying the TR much better. Now tree is twee and trouble is twouble. so much better!! My next task is going to be their DR sounds....which currently are G's. (Let's go guy off is what they say instead of let's go dry off. so odd)
At their ballet class (Brooke is in the giant tu-tu and Audrey is to her right) demonstrating first position

There are some adorable things that they say that I hate to correct cause it will be sad when they say it correctly. My favorite one is for each other. They say "ca cover" As in, "Let's snuggle up with ca cover" I mean how cute is that!

They also are so funny with trampoline - which is pronounced "camp-o-ween-ween" Huh?

Their favorite part of ballet class - the Ben and Jerry's ice cream after. There 4 of their good friends in the class so we go next door to get our treat after each class. Did you know that you can buy a pint and they will give you cones and cups? for free? Best bargain ever!

Knock on wood, but I think that the girls are finally escaping the horrible 3's. As I have told anyone who will listen, the three's are clearly and exponentially worse than the two's. I am convinced that the terrible two's is really a cleverly orchestrated prank on all new parents (oh thank heavens that we got through those two's without much incident. let the good life begin. hah - suckers! welcome to the craziness/moodiness/whinyness of three) With that said, I still recognize that the girls even at their worst were always still in the well behaved portion on the general preschooler spectrum. But lately we seem to have turned a corner. The number of melt-downs has dramatically reduced and the temper tantrums seem to have all but subsided. Hooray!! Let's hope this continues and there is not some secret disaster waiting for us at 4.

Always with a flair for the dramatic, Brooke protesting her time-out at the beach

The girls now think it is hilarious to call anyone who passes gas (clearly not me) a stink bug. They immediately announce "I passed gas. I am a STINK BUG" And then the other one immediately crouches down to smell ca-cover's tushie. Cute when it is one of them...not as cute when it is a parent that is a stink bug and is in Target for example.

The girls are super great playmates these days. Sometimes I even feel guilty as they totally self-entertain with each other. (a popular activity is getting all of the pillows and blankets that they can find and making a giant bed to have sleepovers in with all of their animals) Of course the down side of this is that they can be exclusionary to their friends at playdates. Which always makes me feel awkward. We are working on this and talking about how they hurt other people's feelings if they don't play with them.

They have had two swim lessons and seem to really like their teacher Miss Elizabeth - as evidenced by constantly calling to her as she is trying to do her job as a life guard (Miss Elizabeth, watch this!!) She is super patient and super sweet though. They are doing once a week lessons for 30 minutes each one-on-one with Miss Elizabeth.

Audrey 's first lesson

Brooke's first lesson

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brooke Swims

Brooke decided that she was ready to swim while we were on our vacation. So we took off the floaties and away she went. We were starting swim lessons the week we got back so she just got a little head start. Audrey would be a great swimmer except that she currently does not like for her ears to get wet - which clearly interferes with both floating on your back and putting your face in the water.

Here is a video (different than that on FB) of her first or second try swimming. In the subsequent days, she swam farther and she learned how to open her eyes under water and has since abandoned her goggles.

Hilton Head 2011 aka the Hadden Family Vacation

For the week of Fourth of July, we went to Hilton Head for our annual beach trip with the Hadden side of the family. The weather was wonderful this year – I don’t think that it got above 90 the whole time we were there! We all had a great time and are already wishing it was next year so that we can do it again.

Here are some of my favorite pics of the trip:DSC04329














Friday, July 15, 2011

Testing 1 2 3


I am testing out our new computer with this post.  I am in Windows Live and it looks like I can immediately add stuff to my blog.  So this is a test.  But HOW CUTE are the girls in this picture!   They just look so relaxed.

DSC04386 Fuse

This picture is of the 4 cousins on Fourth of July.  This is also a test cause I used the photo-fuse to put a new Audrey head on the picture.  I thought that I would really like the photo-fuse, from all those commercials they did it looked awesome.  But the pictures have to be IDENTICAL for it to work.  And seriously how can you get the kids to really stay that sill and look the same direction and not move their arms, etc.  If you look over Audrey’s shoulder you can see how the beach scene does not line up.