Monday, July 30, 2007


The day finally arrived when D was able to feel either A or B (possibly both)...How exciting!! Sunday evening, K noticed that the babies were really active and seemed to be actual hitting/kicking rather than just the bubbly stuff. D put his hand on her belly and in just a minute or two, he got kicked! He was able to feel them several times before they settled back down.

As an aside, our regular ob appointment went fine. K is looking good...and quite big. As the Dr said she is still "size greater than date." All total, K has gained approximately 20 pounds so far.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Not surprisingly, K and D have signed up for 5 different classes offered by Women's Hospital. Our first one was Saturday from 9 to 5 (1/2 hour for lunch...we were introduced to the cafeteria food). Thanks heavens the lady doing it was very engaging and entertaining. The class was called Birthing Marvelous Multiples. There were 9 couples who were all expecting twins between Nov and Jan. This is what we learned:
  • after watching the videos, K is not sure she wants to have a vaginal birth (no one in the video had an epidural and they looked awful...many were totally naked and K can only assume that the pain was so bad they had to rip off their clothes) and K is not sure she wants to have a C-section (that fluid comes shooting out of the incision like a geyser) K is currently trying to figure out what the other delivery options may be...they seem limited.
  • the hospital pretty much insists that you have an epidural if you have twins (twist my arm!) and regardless of the delivery method, the babies will be born in the operating only D and the team of doctors are allowed (sorry everyone else that was just dying to see me give birth!)
  • Baby A and Baby B will both be taken to the NICU regardless of how they look because K is diabetic and they have to do some monitoring of their sugar and insulin....good to know so K will not go into an enormous panic on the day of.
  • the rooms are TINY!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


We bought our nursery furniture!! Our first baby purchase...unfortunately we won't actually get it until around October. If you want to see what we got, go to Google (or the search engine of your choice, but I endorse Google) and type: ocean by baby's dream furniture. We got 2 cribs, the changing table, and a 6 drawer dresser in the expresso color. It will automatically convert to toddler beds and (with the purchase of a conversion kit) can convert to twin beds later. So we can keep A and B together for years...From womb-mates to roommates!


All the books say that sometime between 17 weeks and 24 weeks, K should start to feel the baby move. So K's thought is that she will feel a giant kick or hand in the belly....what a surprise when it turns out the first movement (aka "quickening") feels nothing like that at all.

On July 5th, K felt some weird bubbling in her belly. As K has been rather gassy this pregnancy (much to D's dismay!!), she assumed that this was just some other gas/bowel issue. Well this bubbling stuff has continued daily! So K got on the internet and researched what the initial feelings would be and it turns was not gas, but Baby A and Baby B! Who knew?? Very Exciting!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


K and D had our second OB appointment yesterday. It was pretty ultrasound, but we did hear both the heartbeats. They were both in the high 140 BPM (which is in the normal range of 120 - 180) K asked if it was true that one sex had higher heartrates but was told that this is an old wives' tale. Darn!

It turns out that K has gained 10 pounds since her last OB appointment (which was only 4 weeks earlier!). She was told that this rate should not continue for the rest of the pregnancy as she would be ENORMOUS (ok he did not say that she would be enormous, but we did the math and K would be GIANT!)

No other news...but the week of July 30 - Aug 3 should be a week full of news. We have 4 appointments that week (Fetal Echocardiogram, Endochrinologist, regular OB, and Ultrasound by High Risk Dr.)