Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well D and K decided that we would go for a little weekend get-away before we settle in for the girls. This past weekend we went to San Antonio. D had never been there before. We enjoyed our trip very much...and enjoyed the food even more! All we really did was eat, see the Alamo, eat, take a boat ride, eat, go to the market, and then eat! (D actually did go running along pretty much the entire Riverwalk). Here are pics of us...K at the Alamo (we are now experts about the history of the Alamo!) and D by the river outside our hotel.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Here is another pic of the nursery with the newly installed curtain rod (Thanks Gary and D). The material matches our bedding.

K went to her regular OB this week. All is looking good. Even though K's belly is much bigger, she somehow only gained 2 pounds since last visit 3 weeks ago. K's belly measured 28 weeks (though she is only 25) and all looked good. Dr. did mention that soon the babies would be in pretty much their "final" position-head up or down- cause they are going to run out of room to flip around. The delivery options will start to be more clear then, but it is looking like a C-section may be on the schedule. Dr. also predicted that the girls will not make it to December and may be closer to Thanksgiving. November is such a great birthday month!! Next appointment in 3 weeks, then we move to every 2 weeks.

K also went to her high-risk ultrasound guru Dr. He said that everything was looking great! The pressure stuff with the placentas did not seem to be a problem anymore and a little spot they were watching also went away. B is still the bigger gal (measuring 26+ weeks and weighing 2lbs) but Audrey is very close (measuring 25 weeks and weighing 1lb 12oz). We go back in 4 weeks to check on their growth again.