Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach Preview

We are back from the annual trip to Destin...the girls were SUPERSTARS (with the exception of Brooke's mama-ing during a few of the dinners). I took over 600 pictures (I think that I am addicted and may need to seek professional help) and have managed to delete it down to a much more managable 450. Since the final pictures have not been determined, I will just post my favorite picture of the girls from the week:

Friday, June 19, 2009

Week in review

It has been a trying week here at our house. There was a snake in our house!! (thank heavens D was home cause apparently I had neither fight nor flight instinct, just freeze and scream hysterically!) The girls have been under the weather...which leads to general fussiness and clinginess and waking up in the middle of the night....which leads to general fussiness of mommy.

They seem to be almost completely rebounded and that is perfect cause we are getting ready for a family vacation to the beach! We have purchased a ton of swim/beach paraphernalia and I am anxious to see how much we can fit into our suitcases.

The girls continue to be such little cuties. Their vocabulary is expanding every day and it is just adorable. My favorite word now is "uh-oh."...which is good since it is said at least 50 times a day. Drop something (even if on purpose!)..uh-oh. Something in the wrong place...uh-oh. (And my favorite) Leave the toilet lid up...uh-oh. And to be clear uh-oh is repeated until the situation is rectified. I cannot tell you how many times "uh-oh" was said during this little caper...of course they said it in between shoveling the Cheerios into their mouths.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Fun

When the weather has been nice we have been outside enjoying the summer. Here is a little recap in pictures:
My friend Renee had a little pool party for some moms during the week. Audrey enjoyed the water...immediately settled into a little floaty and just chilled...while Brooke was less enthusiastic about the whole pool idea. I didn't get any pictures of them actually in the water as I was sans D, but here is a cute one of them poolside.

Last weekend D and I took the girls to the little neighborhood pool that we joined. The kiddie pool is pretty much always shaded, which seems nice, but the water was around 68 degrees...burrrr! The girls took a little while to warm up (literally) to it, but they had fun. I also decided that the pool is small enough and shallow enough and totally enclosed with fencing, that I can manage to take them myself. And the girls and I went yesterday by ourselves!

The girls enjoying the toddler area of inflatables at the Fairfax Festival that we went to last weekend. Audrey is our little activist and insisted on wearing a political sticker.

Here we are having fun one afternoon with the water in our yard (and I do know that Brooke's suit is too small). The girls were unsure of the little fountains of water shooting up, but eventually they would touch the water but only with their hands. They did enjoy being hit with water that I sprayed from the hose and would run away and then creep back closer to be hit again...adorable!

Chilling out in their little chairs after playing in the water. They LOVE their chairs and insist on them being opened every time that we go outside. They then like to pick them up and move them around and sit in various places in the yard.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What happens when...

the girls eat a funnel cake and drink a strawberry banana slushie at the Fairfax Festival today???

This is what dinner is like...(which we thought was hilarious!!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Non-Vacation Catch-Up

We have been a little busy lately and have gotten behind on some blogging. So since I am now doing this belatedly, this will be short and sweet. Here are some things that have been going on:
  • My mom, Grandma Hazel, came for a visit and the girls had very much fun playing with her!
  • We finished the little music class that we had each Friday....here is a pic from the end of year pizza party that they had.
  • The girls are now taking a Little Gym class...they are super cute doing it and here is a video of Brooke doing a somersault (aka forward roll)
  • I broke my camera and had to buy a new one before vacation...unfortunately I did not realize that I took all 100+ pics at 12 mega pixels and I now need to figure out exactly how much memory that is going to take up!! and how to hopefully change the size retroactively.