Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pets and Privates

I will preface this post by saying that by privates, I mean penis. So if you are offended please don't read this - just look at the pictures and move on.

We seem to have adopted a pet. Last week he just showed up at our house and the girls LOVE him. They ask him if he wants to go places with us, they show him books, they constantly want to locate him. What is this pet you ask....it is a moth. That same moth from the last post is still living in our bathroom. He is quite the hit. Seriously we go look for him multiple times a day. I am not sure how much longer the little guy can hang on - what is he eating in our bathroom? I probably don't want to know - but it will be a sad day in our house when he dies...I just pray that it is not me who steps on him!

So on to the privates portion of this post. Again, feel free to skip this, but we have been so cracked up about it that I want to document it somewhere and this is my only place.

To preface this, I must admit that we are a pretty open family about being naked and talking about the body and body functions. I have always found that it is extremely difficult to know what to call different parts and we have settled on front crack, back crack, boobies, and penis. Well since we have potty trained there has been lots of discussion about these parts and their potty function. As of last week though, the girls (particularly Audrey) have been OBSESSED with the penis. I am actually going to blame this on my friend Erica's son Spencer. Ever since we visited them last week there has been nonstop talk about it (I am to blame as well as we did let the 3 of them play naked in the sprinkler in the backyard where they got to see Spencer tinkle on the grass).

What do I mean by obsessed? No lie - Brooke walks up to me and announces that she has made a penis out of playdoh which she then shows me with great pride. (I am hoping this fad passes before preschool in the fall - how embarrassing!). Frequently when we see a boy, or man, out and about,Audrey will confirm that it is a boy ("That boy mommy?) and then declare (loudly) that "he has a penis". The final, most hilarious part of this recent trend, was yesterday when Audrey declared that she has a pretend penis and that she has to push it down so that she can tinkle in the potty. All day today the girls have continued this. Again I am hoping this is just a trend that is gone by September! In the meantime it really is so funny...maybe all my laughter is one reason that they continue to discuss it!

This is an unrelated picture, but I wanted to make sure that those who skipped the reading would at least have a cute picture to look at!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer fun

Summertime snacks at the park with their friends Keira and Lorelei. The girls LOVED this little table and ate their snack and lunch there. And Audrey spent much of her play time around the table as well.

I feel bad that I have not been updating this as frequently as I used to. The girls are still super cute, but it seems to be harder and harder to take photos of them being cute....especially since so much of their current cuteness is in their vocabulary and their interactions with each other. They are so adorable how they will tell us that they love us "mommy (or daddy or mama if it is Audrey - I love the way she calls me mama!!), me love you so so so much!" I mean it is heart-melting! One thing that is not quite as adorable is the "mommy, watch this" It is CONSTANT and frequently what they want me to watch is so bizarre (e.g.: Audrey grabbing her foot, yelling ouch, and then falling to the floor. Really?)
Trying out the new water feature at our house - the previous splash mat succumbed to a giant rip after repeatedly being jumped on by 60 lbs of enthusiastic toddlers. This new toy was not a success - they preferred just playing with the water hose.

Here is the cutest saying today. There was a moth in our bathroom today and the girls were super excited to see it. They wanted to make sure that it was still there when daddy got home so that they could show him the moth. Well at one point the moth moved to the bathroom door and was just above the girls heads. They walked over to the moth and had a conversation with him:
Brooke: Moth - you no poop on the floor. (this as she wags her little finger at him)
Audrey: Moth- you no tinkle or poop on the floor.
They are so funny.
More water fun - this time filling up buckets (from the hose) and dumping it into the wagon. This was strangely enough a HUGE hit. The girls in the wagon were screeching with delight. Here Brooke and Lorelei were dumping the water on Keira and Audrey

Sunday, June 13, 2010

They were cute today...

Here is the scene. We were eating dinner tonight. Audrey had 3 crackers left and Brooke had none (shock). Audrey voluntarily gave Brooke one of her remaining crackers. Brooke was thrilled:
Brooke: Mommy, Daddy! Audrey gave me a cracker!!
Daddy: Did you tell her thank you?
Brooke to Audrey: Thank you Audrey.
Audrey: I have food in my mouth. I can't tell her welcome.

Not sure if the hilarity transfers but it was super funny.

These are pictures of them waking up. They were just adorable!!

Here is a video of them singing their song from church (we are not 100% sure if it is supposed to be Jesus Loves Me or some other song.):

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How do you get to FL from VA?

Well, apparently you drive to Maryland then fly to Dallas and then fly (on 2 different flights - D and B followed 2 hours later by K and A) to Fort Walton Beach. At least that is how our clan made it this past Memorial Day weekend. While obviously that was not our intended route, all went well and we made it there on the day that we were planning and in time for dinner :).

Other than our wacky arrival, the trip was wonderful. We had lots of fun hanging out on the beach and at the pool and visiting with the fam. I will go out on a limb and say that the girls were absolutely (almost) perfect...certainly better than our expectations. You just never know with 2 1/2 year olds what you will get. Here are a couple of pictures from our vacation:

It was a LONG travel day for the girls! This is on the way to Dallas after getting up at 5 am that morning. Funny that they were wearing the Thing 1 and 2 shirts as they then got split up. A and I got a lot of weird looks as we walked around with her in her Thing 2 shirt - solo.

Day 1: Audrey was not slowed down by the rain that sprinkled almost all morning. She was a crazy woman running in the water, rolling around in the sand, bear walking in the the sand. Very focused in her playing.

D's favorite activity: taking a walk on the beach. On his afternoons off from the girls, this walk also included a Pina Colada.

The girls' favorite activity: being covered with sand! It is amazing how much sand can get into those swimsuits and how it does not seem to phase them at all.

K's favorite activity: taking pictures!! Some one has to document all of the fun and cuteness.

Brooke - all flair and drama. I don't believe that she ever just walks - it is either a determined march or a prance where she just flits around. You can just tell that she is majorly annoyed that this sand dared to get on her hand and she needs to march somewhere to take care of it ASAP!