Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have received numerous (well actually only 2) requests to get rid of the belly pictures. So since I value all of my fans, I will take off those pictures...even if it makes me sad. In their place, I will be putting some of my all time (you know "all time" meaning during the past 15 weeks) favorite pictures of the girls. Some are already on the blog, but this will make it easier to see these winning pictures.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Well we have made it through another week...apparently in my world Monday is the end of a week. Here are the highlights, updates, and pictures:

Brooke: she is really smiling at us now. she loves to put her hands in her mouth. she is staying awake for longer and longer stretches. she seems to have just recently noticed the world around her and loves to look all around. she has also recently found her tongue and seems to enjoy sticking it out a ton!!

Audrey: not only does she smile at us, but she also seems to laugh and do a little giggle. she is now making this adorable little noise a ton. at this point I would love to put a video of this cute noise but every time I grab the camera she stops her noise and just looks at me....so I have a bunch of video of her with me in the back saying "make your little noise for mommy....she really does do it all the time." her hernia is almost healed and it currently looks like a pretty normal outie bellybutton.

Here are the girls "playing" at the park with their twin friends Carter and Olivia. We have really enjoyed the mild winter and like to get outside as much as possible.

Grandaddy came to visit this weekend!! We all had lots of fun visiting.

We all went to Chuck E. Cheese's for my nephew's birthday party this weekend. I think that the girls are just a little bit young for all that excitement!

Here are the girls in their adorable little church outfits...good news there has not been any more projectile spitting up in the nursery so they are stars again! As a side note, it is Darren's job to pick out their clothes and dress them for church and he does such a great job!! (as another side note, it is Kerry that picks out the clothes from the store and aren't these new little clothes just too cute!)

Here are all the Hadden girls relaxing on a Sunday afternoon!

The girls are loving the little Pooh animals that their cousin Kayla gave them...had I distributed them, Brooke would not have gotten the piggie!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


First of all, yeah to anyone that gets the reference of the title.

So this week I took the girls to the doctor for their first non-well baby appointment....this is not the story, but Brooke had a little rash and it turns out it is no big deal and we are just putting some OTC cream on it....but since we went to the doctor we got another WEIGH IN!! I am just obsessed about their weight which can't be good, but whatever. Brooke weighed (drum roll) 15 lbs 9.5 oz (of course since this was not a growth chart visit, she was wearing her clothes, but come on how much could a sleeper possibly weigh) I have done the math and she weighs almost 2.5 times her birth weight!
So since I had little Audrey there with me, I though I should weigh her too. So I had them weigh Audrey and she weighed (another drum roll please) 13 lbs 5.5 oz. OH MY GOSH!! She weighs 3.4 times her birth weight!!

Here are some recent pics:
Here is Brooke doing some Tummy Time...for the record this is really one of our more successful attempts as usually they just end up sucking on their hands or sleeping!

Here is Audrey trying out a new toy....in theory they will move themselves around to look at all the interesting stuff...basically she stayed stationary and drooled.

I wonder who Audrey looks like??Here are the girls having their first play date with their friend Amelia. The 3 of them were all due within a few weeks of each other in December, but the girls came early and Amelia came late so they are almost exactly a month apart. I think "more bars in more places" every time I see this!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


So the girls are SUPER babies, but as I have been going through all of my pictures (and trust me there are tons as I take 10 shots of everything) I noticed a little crying theme in many of our pictures. So with that in mind, let me present you with our crying montage:

Here is my attempt at attaching a video. To set the scene: Audrey has gotten up early for a feeding. After K's numerous attempts to pacify her she has given in and fed her a little appetizer. Feeding time has arrived (maybe we are still a few minutes ahead of schedule) and this is what it looked like:


Here we are in our so cute Valentine's Day outfits. The girls went to their very first Valentine's Day Party and got some adorable little valentine's...and K enjoyed the Valentine's Day Candy Corn....who knew they made that!!:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today is D's birthday!! Happy Birthday to the best husband and father ever...we are very blessed to have you in our lives! We love you very much.
Here is Brooke getting her very first Daddy shoulder ride!!

In other birthday news, the girls were 3 months old yesterday...so exciting!! They are getting cuter everyday. I feel like we have been really busy lately (thus the delay in my updating) but now as I sit here I can't seem to remember what all we have been doing.
Audrey is getting into the spirit of Valentine's Day...notice how cute her little smile is. She has been smiling a lot recently and occasionally she will giggle...she gets that from Daddy!

Super Bowl Sunday the girls went to church for the first time. They are in the nursery group called the Little Lambs (so cute!). D and I were shocked to find out that they have one adult for every baby and hold them the entire time...the girls were probably like "what is this??" The first Sunday went well...though they were concerned that Brooke pretty much slept the entire time including during eating. This last Sunday they were greeted by a couple that said "oh are these the new twins? we heard about them last week." D and I thought, oh they must be little stars that everyone wants. When we picked them up this past Sunday we were greeted with the news that Audrey had a giant spit-up (no surprise). Then as they were bringing Brooke to us, she also had a MASSIVE spit-up all over the lady and the floor. We are thinking that next week they will not be such a hot commodity...how embarrassing! Brooke loves to kick (which is hysterical when she gets upset and flails around in her swaddle sack!) so here she is wearing some little foot rattles...unfortunately she has not identified the cause and effect relationship of moving her feet and the noise.

Here are Audrey and Brooke enjoying their bouncers...note that Brooke is wearing her big-girl jeans (thanks Jane!!)
When the weather was nice, we went outside and had a little active not-so-alert time. Audrey has decided that she really likes the outdoors!

Some mornings we just can't quite make it to our 6:30 breakfast time, so the girls enjoy some snuggle time with Daddy...though I think that all Audrey really wants is her pacifier!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


This post has nothing to do with the title, but this has always been one of my favorite holidays so I wanted to give some props to Phil!

On Monday the girls will be 12 weeks old..CRAZY!! Here are some firsts that we have experienced lately...
  • SICK: well it seems that all of the Haddens have had a cold here the past 2 weeks. First D brought it home from work and had it all last week. It appeared that the gals were going to miss getting it, but alas this week all 3 of us seem to have gotten it....well I know for sure that K has it (as she has felt poopy) and all evidence points to the girls having it as well. They sound like little piggies with all that congestion in their noses, they are sneezing and coughing, and (for them) they are not eating as well. I have even tried using that little bulb thing to clear their noses (is it bad that I am using the same one for both of them??) but am clearly not good at it. So I just kept trying and trying and then I read that you should limit using it because it can make it worse...who knew?...and you should decide if it is really bothering them or just bothering me...and then I felt guilty because it really had been bothering me, but determined that if they were able to then surely they would be blowing their noses.
It is hard work to be a baby! Audrey began her nap early in her bouncer.
  • SMILE: we have determined that Audrey will in fact smile at us...not just when she is gassy (which is a lot...we all know which parent she gets that from). Brooke is not there yet, but in reality she has only just now started looking at us at all. We are clearly not as fascinating as the ceiling, but she is giving us a chance now.
Brooke is ready for an outing!
  • HANDS: they have both begun to discover their hands. They don't stare at them for ages, but they certainly love to put them in their mouth! Brooke now unswaddles herself during naps and puts her hands in her mouth. This is an improvement because we have caught her chewing on Audrey!
Here we are snoozing...Audrey always snuggles up to Brooke, who has released her hand.
  • HAIR: both of the girls continue to get their "new" hair. Audrey's is pretty dark and Brooke's just stands straight up on top of her head. But more interestingly, K is losing her hair in huge clumps...thank heavens she cut it or our shower would never drain.
Brooke is showing off her new hair...and a new outfit!
  • CLOTHES: Brooke has outgrown all of her 0-3 mo sleepers!! We just couldn't get them zipped over her belly or thighs. She is now wearing 3-6 mo in almost everything. Audrey has finally transitioned to 0-3 mo (she probably has been there a while, but it was very sad to move her out of newborn!!) So while it is very sad to move them up, at least that means that we get to go shopping for new clothes...at least for Brooke. Audrey is getting hand-me-downs from Brooke!
Audrey says "Mommy, I think these pants are cutting of circulation to my legs. Can I please wear 0-3 mo now?"
  • OUTINGS: We took the girls to our favorite restaurant Chuys this past weekend. They were very good and sat in their little car seats and stared at the ceiling (Hooray! a new ceiling to look at!). They also went to their first "playgroup."...again they sat in their car seats. They went to another 1 year old birthday party where they sat in their car seats. We also have made another outing to Kroger where we get lots of comments (eg: are they twins? is that one (pointing to Brooke) a boy? was she first (again pointing to Brooke)? and my favorite, I'm sure glad it's you and not me....I basically have no snappy replies so let me know if you think of any)
  • We are exhausted after all our outings!!