Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 year stats

The girls had their 5 year well-visit/new patient/flu shot appointment with their new doctor.  Her office is super close to our neighborhood and we had heard very good things about her.  She did seem very nice - though the appointment was not overall successful.  I had to pick them up early from school and they missed their rest time and it all went downhill from there - based on the hysterics and tears you would have thought that the nurse actually cut off their fingers for the iron test rather than just did a finger prick.  And after finally getting them calmed down from that, the doctor came in and was asking them questions which they just did not answer.  I kept saying "they really do usually talk."  I mean Brooke would not even answer questions like what foods do you like to eat.

During the visit, I did remember to bring my immunization records from VA.  The doctor was quite surprised that they did not get some shots last year and in fact questioned it.  But I was johnny on the spot and whipped up my blog post from last year and did confirm the records.  So they had to get two shots and the flu shot.  What a great way to end the appointment.

Here are their stats for height:
Brooke: 3' 8.5" which is the 86th percentile
Audrey: 3' 6.9" which is the 60th percentile

And here are their stats for weight:
Brooke: 44 lb 2 oz which is the 77th percentile
Audrey: 40 lb 6 oz which is the 57th percentile

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Hazel said...

Of course, the girls are now both above average - no shorties here!