Friday, November 16, 2012

Lost Tooth

Audrey lost her first tooth last night. It was very exciting!! Her bottom tooth had been a little loose for almost a month - she came home from school one day saying that it hurt when she was eating an apple.  Since then it had not changed much until Wednesday when I noticed that it was looking really different and at an odd angle.  So I thought that a visit from the tooth fairy may be in our near future.  But I did not know that it was going to be the very next day.

After dinner, she reached into her mouth to get out what she thought was a piece of food.  Instead the picture below was what she had rather than food:
Unfortunately D and I made the (rookie) mistake of telling her that we were going to have to pull it so that it did not fall out in the middle of the night.  Well after we finally got her calmed down, we explained that really all we were going to do was wiggle it.  In fact D told her that it would probably fall out after only 20 wiggles.  Here is a video of most of the tooth pulling experience.  Please excuse my horrible singing voice and ignore the fact that both of the girls are running around without their shirts (everything seems so normal until you see it on film!).  I can't seem to get the video to upload from my phone, so I'll put a few more pics up:
 Here we all are in the bathroom working on wiggling the tooth.
 So happy and proud of herself!
 Showing off her new space in her mouth
 Posing with her dollars and note from the tooth fairy.  It may not be visible but the money is sparkly from the tooth fairy.

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