Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day and Pep Rally

In honor of Veteran's Day, the girls have been learning some patriotic songs at school.  Here is a little video of them singing them....though I will say that they were doing a much better job earlier in the day when they did not have their silly boxes turned on :)   Audrey has really enjoyed singing these songs and she has been one of the leaders in her class to be up front doing the motions.  She has been very proud of herself!

Totally unrelated video - except we were having so much fun doing videos!  The schools had a community pep rally a week or so ago to celebrate Zachary being the number one school district in the state for the 8th year running.  Each school had a time to cheer and this is what the ZELC did for their turn to show their spirit. (the last part says I'm a pony and I know it - supposed to be sung to I'm sexy and I know it)

Here are some pictures with their teachers from the pep rally too:
 With Brooke's teacher Mrs. Favaloro and one of her classmates Gracie
 With Audrey's teacher Mrs. Mestayer
And after the pep rally, Audrey posing in her pimp hat (though she calls it her cowgirl hat)

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