Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday Party

The girls have LOVED their birthday this year!  I feel like we have been non-stop celebrating for ages for this one.  Saturday was their party.  We had it at a local place (which seemed totally sketchy - but we didn't feel like asking a bunch of people that we don't really know to drive down into BR) that is really a daycare center but they set up bouncy things in their gym on the weekend for birthdays.  And it turned out to be fine (thank heavens!).  The girls selected who they wanted to invite to their party and I went with it - though I did convince them that our neighbors in 10th grade and 6th grade probably did not want to come.  In a crazy whirlwind of, well, craziness we did let the girls open their presents at the party.  Always a risky move with 5 year olds, but the kids get so excited to both open and see their presents opened.  The rest of the day, the girls played with almost every single present.
 Taking a drink break
 Almost all of the kids
 Blowing out the candles on their cupcake cakes
They are just so cute!

On Sunday we had church, then went to lunch with 4 other families.  The adults sat at a table, the girl kids all smooshed into a booth - 7 of them in one ordinary booth.  And the 3 boys in another booth.  It was fun times.  Then we gave the girls their big present - a trip to build-a-bear with a friend.  They loved it! Audrey picked a cat and named him/her Jewel.  Brooke (and both of the friends) picked reindeer.  Brooke named hers Reiny.
So so happy making their animals!

Monday, their actual birthday,  the girls got to have cupcakes with their class.  And let me tell you they certainly look at you funny at the grocery store buying 40 cupcakes on a Monday morning.  Then for dinner the girls selected their favorite restaurant, McDonalds.  Nice.  Though after the build-a-bear bill, that was a nice treat for me :) And as a special surprise treat one of our friends met us there.

 Waiting for the bus - of course with their new guys!


Hazel said...

What a great birthday week!

Drew Watts said...

This is a superb birthday party of little kiddos. Super happy as it's my mom dad's 25th anniversary. I will book the same venue NYC hired by my friend for her sister's engagement couple of weeks before. Taken references of caterers and bakers as well. Even the floral décor chosen by her was extremely beautiful.